Nutritional consultation

You will improve your health and achieve your goals through a personalised nutritional plan. 

Healthy lifestyle

To maintain through all your life

Without diet

Only with better dietary habits

Without restrictions

And without feeling anxious and hungry

My name is Isabel

I am Isabel, a nutritionist specialized in nutritional treatment in women and weight loss. I offer face-to-face and online consultations which included a personalized plan based on your goals and necessities.

I believe in the importance of working since nutritional education as the best way to maintain a healthy dietary pattern throughout your life. 

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About Conejero - Nutritionist

Individualised and personalised nutritional support

My work methodology is based on nutritional education and the acquisition of healthy habits indefinitely, in such a way that these can be maintained in the long term

Overweight and obesity treatment

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Different dietary patterns

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Nutritional education

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How can I help you?

I help you to achieve your goals from my knowledge and experience

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Collegiate member of the College of Dietitians-Nutritionist professionals of Madrid

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